Keyword Snatcher Sale Ends

New Update- The Keyword Snatcher Offer is CLOSED to the public. To be notified when the offer re-opens please leave a message in the comments section.

In the meantime Get a 14 day Free Trial for what is the most widely used Keyword Research SoftwareGet a Complete Software in a Box for ALL your Internet Marketing Needs for Free 14 Day Trial.   —-  Check it Out —-

I have been advised by Jon Ledger that he is pulling off this powerful tool off the market after Friday.

Hurry and get a copy of Keyword Snatcher before it is too late.


Keyword Snatcher — is the new tool for researching keywords that other webmasters don’t even know about — and the feedback from the new buyers has been AMAZING.

The software has also gotten better, with a new addition to version 1.07 that seriously increases the number of keywords found that you’ll NEVER get from the AdWords Keyword Tool.


There are already 40 testimonials from highly satisfied customers, and many more to follow no doubt!

Here are some users feedback


Like Finding Gold Nuggets!

Have been working my niche market and learning SEO the past two years, and I must say that I am truly impressed with what I have been discovering in my geographical niche.

I always enjoyed hunting for treasure as a kid and well now its the same sensation and rush, finding little gems and nuggets of rich information on what potential clients are seeking and keyword terms that have been getting looked over in my career field.

Thanks Keyword Snatcher for allowing me dig deeper into my market.

Christopher Van Atta


“My New Secret Weapon for Local Search and Offline SEO”

I am primarily an offline marketer and this tool is VERY POWERFUL for the offline niche.

It completely automates keyword variations for local terms and uncovers keywords that would otherwise be hidden within the obscure inner workings of Google. This gives me and my offline clients a new advantage that other keyword tools cannot.

Keyword Snatcher is my new secret weapon for offline SEO.

Robert Stanley


Keyword Snatcher: Smart Very Smart…

Jonathan, We couldn¹t be more satisfied with Keyword Snatcher. Our company, Net Writers is in many specialized markets and your product not only saves us time but gives us confidence that we are doing the best we can for every client.

Thanks again for a truly superior solution.

Carl and Mike


Unfair Advantage…

I’m a huge fan of automation, and this tool automates a process that we actually had someone doing manually using a couple of other tools…

The time saved running this software quickly paid us back for the small purchase price, and essentially replaced the human effort altogether.

To my knowledge there’s been nothing like it before, and I’m glad it won’t be on the market for a long time, so we can exploit this advantage over our competition for tons of niches.

Scott Hendison

Dont MISS OUT on getting an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE compared to other internet marketers by getting your hands on Keyword Snatcher before the doors are closed forever.


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