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New Update- The Keyword Snatcher Offer is CLOSED to the public. To be notified when the offer re-opens please leave a message in the comments section.

In the meantime Get a 14 day Free Trial for what is the most widely used Keyword Research SoftwareGet a Complete Software in a Box for ALL your Internet Marketing Needs for Free 14 Day Trial.   —-  Check it Out —-

The doors have opened to Buy Keyword Snatcher. Jon Ledger has just released Keyword Snatcher and there is huge demand for this amazing keywords finding software. You only have until 27th June to buy the Keyword Snatcher after which the doors will be permanently closed to this wonderful tool which finds you keywords on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Remember Keyword Snatcher find money making Keywords and Keyword Phrases which the Google Adwords Tool or the Google Keywords Tool does not even list. Just imagine the untapped potential waiting to be monetized by using these keywords in your internet marketing business.

Already real testimonials from early advanced users of Keyword Snatcher are pouring in………

Keyword Snatcher is a truly great software which only a very few savvy internet marketers will ever get their hands on.

Will you be one of them……….?


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  1. Hi John, I was reviewing this site and I wanted to order the best spinner and keyword snatcher a combine special.

    Before I order this special I want to know from you if it is still going on?

  2. Hi Don,
    Unfortunately Keyword snatcher is not available for sale anymore.
    The Best spinner works quite well with the Market Samurai. You can download a free trial copy of Market Samurai here.
    Trial Market Samurai

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